Aerospace Flexible Coupling AS7510 AS1650

Aerospace Flexible Coupling AS7510 AS1650 Fabricant Adel Wiggins

“Wiggins type” couplings are well recognized in aerospace industry and race cars.

Over 50 years in various aircraft services •Used on most military & commercial airplanes Elbows, tees, adapters & bulkhead fittings are available •Membership in SAE G-3, Aerospace Couplings, Fittings, Hose, Tubing Assemblies spec preparation & revision

Fuel, air, oil and water circuits that are compliant with customers’ standards (AS7510 and AS1650).

September 2021 : AdelWiggins is pleased to announce the successful completion of its AS7510 qualification test program.
The AS7510 flexible coupling is the most modern fuel system connector facilitating self-locking, high conductivity, and self-bonding features with a VTLI (Visual Tactile Latch Indicator) for ease of inspection after assembly and during maintenance sessions. This specification is the successor to the SAE AS1650 flexible coupling standard and supersedes the SAE AS5830 standard.
The AS7510 flexible joint satisfies and complies to the following FAR (Federal Aviation Regulation) of FAA CFR Title 14:
1) §25.981 – Fuel Tank Ignition Prevention
2) §23.954 – Fuel System Lightning Protection
3) §25.901 – Installation (Part 25, Subpart E – Powerplant)
4) §25.613 – Material Strength Properties and Material Design Values (Refer to MMPDS)
5) §25.609 – Protection of Structure (Part 25, Subpart D – Design and Construction)
6) §25.605 – Fabrication Methods (Part 25, Subpart D – Design and Construction)
7) §25.603 – Materials (Part 25, Subpart D – Design and Construction)

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